Thursday, 14 December 2017

School Cuts 

The department of education has accused this site of publishing " Misleading Analysis " but, nevertheless, school cuts is an intriguing resources for anyone concerned about education.
backed by host of unions, it lets you search by school, postcode or place to see how much money is being lost, both in total and pupil.

You can also discover how many teachers a school has lost and read some key facts. All the information is sharable on Facebook and twitter but, sadly we had to stop short of awarding full marks because some links don't work and the blog hasn't been updated since may.


Energy Switching 

Energy prices are on the rise so now is the perfect time to consider switching . This site like several others, compares your current energy deal with market rivals, but what makes it stand out is its simple form that's ask for little more than your current supplier and tariff, usage requirements and payment method.

We like that the clearly laid-out results includes useful information such as supplier exit fees. With highlighted savings, the ability to proceed online or by phone and button for more information about tariffs, its certainly a site to bookmark for the discerning consumer.


Reebok Innovation Collective 

Sportswear brand reebok has had a tough few years but it's putting it's best foot forward by focusing on technology as well as comport.

This site introduces you to its latest innovations, showcasing its new textiles and fabrics, and detailing the stories behind some of its cutting edge products, such as a lightweight space boot.

As you scroll down the page, you will see a mix of videos, images and words together with a chance to buy some of brands most recent arrivals. You can also stay notified of the latest reebok news and try a cool feature that lets you design your own trainers.


Site Of The Fortnight

Digital Panopticon 

If you are tracing your family tree or are just curious about the past, this fascinating site lets you browse the records of convicts in British prisons and those transported to the Australian penal colonies.

Using tens of thousands of court records from the 18th and 19th centuries, sentences and places as well as criteria as in depth as eye colour, complexion and religion.

Click a result to see the crime they were tried for, and the date of their conviction and sentence. You can also display results visually and download data sets. It's a unique resource that proves truly enlightening.